Hashtag Twist It

Hashtag Twist It

A Dungeons & Dragons actual play about four rookie adventurers on their first quest to save the world, and sometimes when things go wrong...you just gotta #twistit. #TwistIt is Evin, Justin, Katelyn, Luke, & Zakk.


The One Where Amega Robs Starkweather

July 5, 2021

A planned shopping trip through Starkweather goes awry when Amega learns she has some sticky finger…

The One Where Anton Meets His Rival

June 2, 2021

Upon returning to civilization, Anton is accosted by a rival bard and challenged to a Bard Battle! …

The One Where They Sit Around a Campfire

May 19, 2021

The party has a not-so-restful first night of their adventure. Show your love for us on Twitter, In…

The One with the Griffons and the Merchant

May 5, 2021

After their adventure inside the Feywild, the party helps a stranded merchant cart under attack by …

The One with the Summer Court

April 21, 2021

With the group reunited, Amegra stands before the Summer Court's Queen Titannia. This episode conta…

The One in the Feywild

April 7, 2021

After the loss of one party member, the remaining adventurers follow a golden bear and a pine marte…